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It's a Moonlight Dance with Toploader
Category : Music
Article Post Date: Sunday 28.03.2010

After over 5 years sabbatical Toploader rocked the Apple Store, Regent Street with their iconic hit of the 90s 'Dancing In the Moonlight' as well as presenting songs from their up and coming new album. 

Five years of travel and rest has resulted in some fantastic new songs - Toploader exceed expectations defying the critics and proving what great musicians and songwriters they are. 

The Apple Store audience came away impressed and happy having enjoyed both music and  conversation with the revived Toploader.  'so what has changed since you were away' they were asked - the question elicited a pithy reply 'we are older!.  This older Toploader will appeal to all generations and, if there, is any justice, should even appeal to the critics!
Catch Toploader's full eclectic set at Dean Street studios on 6 May during City Showcase festival.  Book your wristbands now!


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