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Article Post Date: Thursday 13.05.2010

A new double CD featuring some of the best of British new talent is being released by campaign and advice group A Greener Festival with bands tipped from bookers at six of Britain’s best loved festivals including the City Showcase, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, T-in-the-Park, Kendal Calling and Solfest. FESTIVAL HARVEST will be released as a limited edition double CD and will carry the IG (Industry Green) mark, the award from cross music industry climate change initiative Julies Bicycle which identifies a product as committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The album, manufactured by Disc Manufacturing Services, will dispense with the plastic jewel case and will be sold only in 100% card sleeves. The album will also be available to download.

Featured bands include the recently crowned Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition winners Ellen & The Escapades, UK Festival Awards critic nominees Yearner Babies, The Orkid, the outstanding four piece girl band from Plymouth, Lykez, the brilliant and innovative urban act from London, Doncaster’s hot new talent The Beaus along with outstanding contributions from Mayhew and A Band Called Quinn, both from Scotland

A Greener Festival co-founder Ben Challis who compiled the album said “Working with six of the top music festivals and two regional music initiatives really unearthed some magical talent.  Its an added bonus for us that they all have agreed to support green festivals and the fight against climate change.” 

Asked about the bands on the album, producer Luke Westbury said “We asked everyone to put forward their top tips – in any genre – and it was interesting to see that some of the acts like Lincoln’s Changing Horses, Kent’s Tom Williams & The Boat and Leeds based Tiger Shadow were tipped by two or more different festivals.  Regional music groups Music South West and Plugged In Yorkshire both put forward some fantastic choices and the festivals’ choices, including Glastonbury, T-in-the-Park and City Showcase, really helped us to cover the length and breadth of Britain in our search for the best new talent. Many of the acts will be playing live at Festivals across the Britain this year. The double album features 28 acts – representing the 28 week UK festival season that runs from the 5th March (Cwlym Celtaidd, Porthcawl) to the 19th September (Alchemy Festival, Lincolnshire)

Release Date June 1st as a download and double CD. 

This album has been produced to support the work of A Greener Festival, the campaign and advice group that aims to reduce the environmental impact of music festivals around the world in the fight against climate change and pollution. You can find out more at .


1. ELLEN & THE ESCAPADES Without You (Smith/Schneider/Quick/Warrender/Calder)    2:59

2. CHANGING HORSES  Cut All Strings (Birtill/Cullen)  3:36

3. MIRRORS  Lights and Offerings (Mirrors)  4:29

4. SCOTT RABA  & THE ACE River Runs Dry (Raba)  4:30

5. HERELDEDUKE  Shudda  (Brown) 3:09

6. THE MORNING ORCHESTRA  Whatever Goes Around  (Yeoman/Jones)  3:03

7. REBECCA MAYES   Don’t Lose Your Head  (Mayes) 3:24

8. FAMILY MACHINE  Got It Made  (Hyatt/Stilwell/Durbridge/Feller) 3:26

9. MY LUMINARIES   Parasol  (Ewers) 4:12

10. TOM WILLIAMS & THE BOAT  Concentrate (Williams)  3:44

11. THE SHUTES  Satellite Gods (Waters )  3:17

12. THE SECRET CINEMA BAND  Official Neck For The Rope  (John/Sherrington/Nikolic/Roggen)  3:34

13. MAYHEW  Foxglove (Lawrence/Fonte/Lyon/Webster/Wilcock)  4:20

14. FADED CADENCE  The Valediction  (Carter)  4:56


1. FANGS  Cos I Said So  (Marko/Jane/Falls/Lloyd/Robert)  3:39

2. A BAND CALLED QUINN  Ghosts From The War (Quinn)  5:55

3. THE BEAUS  Final Notice  (Beardmore/Nicklin/Fenn)  3:11

4. LYKEZ Ft RAGGZ, D.TAIL & BITTER I Does Dis Ting   (Hendrickson/Hendricks/Gay/ Kazim/Enticknap )  3:57

5. MOPP Ft Beth Hold On (Mopp)  3:22

6. GOODBYE STEREO  Lightyears Away  (Woodford/Colson/Egerton-Read/Tippets)  3:33

7. LIGHTGUIDES   Midget Gems  (Cowan/Cowan/Murray)  3:34

8. TIGER SHADOW   Escape  (Tycho/Komla)  3:14

9. WASHINGTON IRVING The Magician (Black/Anfield/McGarry/Potter/English)  2:12

10. MONTAGE POPULAIRE  Sorrow’s Well Rehearsed (Donovan)    4:45

11. THE ORKID  Roads From Here (Sinclair)    2:45

12. WOODENBOX WITH A FISTFUL OF FIVERS  Twisted Mile (Downer)  3:25

13. YEARNER BABIES  Icarus (Swale/Luyendijk) 4:54

14. THE MOLES  Neptune’s Beard  (Davies/Fuller)  4:40


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