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The Perfect Application - a rough guide to saving your time and money
Article Post Date: Sunday 28.03.2010

Your demo is as the word states, a demonstration of your work and so should represent what the band/act is currently about. In my opinion, demos take many different shapes and sizes but sticking to some basic rules when putting the demo together always proves worthwhile and creates a professional image.

Make sure there are no more or less than 3 tracks on your demo. The listener will be able to make a decision on your music in this space of time, any less than 3 isn't enough and more than 3 will bore them to tears. Remember, no matter how great the band is, your music is completely new to them, less is most certainly more in this case.

Always put your best track first. Why put it last and risk have the listener not even hearing it?

Don't spend a fortune on packaging but make your "label copy" clear and easy to read with the band name in large bold letters, track listing and most importantly, your name and numbers/e mail address.

Also put your details on the body of the CD. You would be surprised at how easy it is to lose the cover/case and then listened to the CD to find great songs and no way of getting hold of the act.

If you applying for a gig or showcase and they have specific requirements then you should adhere to these. If they ask for CD, photo, weblink and biog then you should send just that.

The biog should be one page and try not to make it too wordy or flowery. Basic facts about the bands achievements with gigs played and some quotes from local promoters, journalists, other artists or anyone you think will make a difference.

The photo should a basic shot. Nobody will expect you to be arty at this stage.

Finally, maybe most importantly, before you send the demo off………..make sure it plays in a regular CD player as well as a computer as more and more people listen on their computers these days though some may prefer to use the car CD!

AND don't forget your contact details ...

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