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Some frequently asked questions below but also check out our Terms and Conditions and Privacy for further information.  Also please contact us if anything remains unanswered.

How can I get involved in City Showcase as a musician?

City Showcase is an annual event held in May. We put up a 'call-out' for artists and designers on the website and through trade associations, studios etc. Applications are taken throughout the year.  If you would like to be considered for City Showcase please send a demo with a biog, photo and contact details to: PO Box 2212, RH20 2XJ

Our A&R panel will listen to and consider all applications and chose acts based on merit and to fit the style of the venues. 

For example, our daytime performers, most of whom are unsigned, should be able to perform acoustic sets - the space available often means that we can fit a maximum of two performers though occasionally this increases.  We provide mics and speakers and professional technical staff for acoustic sets.  Our daytime acts in the past have ranged from rock, indie to folk, classical, instrumental to hip hop.  All genres of music are considered.

There are fewer evening performances so competition is obviously harder.  Whilst performers in the evening are occasionally slightly better known, they are still very much new and emerging and will also include unsigned, unmanaged acts.  Previous venues have included the Borderline, the 100 Club, Islington Academy, The Fly, Café de Paris, The Embassy, The Garage and St Giles-in-the-Fields.  Also, including Astoria II, The Marquee and The Metro (all now sadly gone).   

How can I get involved in City Showcase as a designer?

When we have opportunities for designers, we will be putting up 'call-out' for designers through trade associations and trade sites and, of course, on our site.  If you are an up-and-coming designer, send us any examples of the designs you've created with a biog, photo and contact details to: PO Box 2212 RH20 2XJ 

Our panel of experts will look at all designs and form a shortlist.  We will then contact you to introduce you to one of the musicians/bands

I would like to attend a few workshops, can I just turn up on the day, or do I have to book tickets?

If the workshop is not clearly marked as ticketed, workshop attendees should have wristbands.   We do like to have an idea of numbers and, for some venues, it is required for security purposes. Use the on-line booking service available on this website.

What workshops does City Showcase host and how often?

City Showcase hosts workshops during the festival - please see “What’s On” for further details.  We also host workshops throughout the year, these will be available for members only.  

How will attending a workshop help me in my possible future career in music?

Each workshop over the week concentrates on a different type of situation that each musician might find himself / herself in.  As a result, if you have any particular problems or selective future ambitions, the workshops are excellent in helping you to overcome certain obstructions you may encounter .  We aim to give practical advice and guidance for long term careers.

Most workshops are for musician and offer advice on different aspects of a musician's career.  Experienced industry experts will talk you through, for example, how to produce a demo, find a manager, collect royalties etc.  Also, please don’t forget the invaluable networking that is also provided – great names to know!

Any other workshops also work on the "how to" basis and panels include, for example, experienced fashion industry personnel and trade associations.

What is City Showcase? Our Mission

City Showcase is a festival of new and emerging creatives. The inaugural City Showcase - was held in February 2003 which was followed by a larger event in September 2003 and from there became an annual event.  City Showcase supports new and emerging creative talent through showcasing, cross promotions and mentoring.  Please see WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO for more information.

City Showcase’s mission is to support, nurture and showcase new talent, to help creative talent build their careers and to give the public an opportunity to engage in and appreciate creative works that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to see – to spot the stars of the future.

How is City Showcase funded?

City Showcase is a not for profit company and funding is through sponsorship and grants (please see the sponsors' page).   Anyone interested in supporting us out, let us know!  

We have also just introduced a £5 wristband that covers entry into most gigs and workshops.  It also provides a discount entry to extra gigs PLUS many daytime venues are offering discounts on goods bought during the performance.  Before you think we are making a fortune, you should know that there are bills to pay (including venue hire).  Most gigs charge a minimum of £5 for a one off gig, and most urban festivals charge £20-£30 for a wristband.

Does City Showcase do anything else during the year?

City Showcase is doing monthly Sessions at The Apple Store, Regent Street where an established music industry professional, be it an act, producer etc puts on a gig, has Q&As etc.  These are free and listed under What’s On.

In addition, City Showcase works during the year to build and promote the main event and to help City Showcase artists who would like some advice and guidance.  City Showcase also works with other organisations developing local involvement in funding and supporting new talent.

City Showcase puts on special Members only events too – gigs and workshops.

What is the Business Advise section for and how can City Showcase help?

This section lists many trade associations and organisations that may be able to point you in the right direction in the music industry.  City Showcase does not have the resources to look for a manager for all applicants.  However, City Showcase does support all City Showcase performers and forwards demos to A&R, managers etc. 

Why is there a Membership?

City Showcase is not for profit and has limited income.  We want, however, to be able to offer more and have established a membership scheme so that members will have access to more gigs, workshops, downloads through the partnership deals and discounts that we have arranged for members.  The membership club will also give members regular opportunities to engage with each other, collaborate and extend their networks.

Why don’t you accept email applications?

We get a large number of applications so email applications and the traffic would make it hard for us to organise the event!  

We do consider every application and listen to all music and all applications are considered on an even platform.  It, therefore, makes it easier if all applications come in a similar accessible format that can then be consolidated for the A&R decisions to be reached. 

Also, we don’t want to lose applications and we find the online or postal applications are the most reliable.  Emails can be treated as spam by service providers!

Do you ever need volunteers to help out before or during the festival?

Yes please!   City Showcase is not for profit and really appreciates your support.  We do try to ensure that volunteers have a go at organising various aspects of the event so gain invaluable experience.  Please contact us.

Can I take photos? Do you need photographers?

Sorry but many venues will not allow photography unless officially laid on by us.  However, we are always interested to hear from photographers!   We do not have a huge budget so much appreciate help with our photography.  We will credit you on our site and your images may be used in publications.

Are there age restrictions?

Generally evening gigs have age restrictions imposed by the venue - though there are exceptions.  Please see individual events for information.  There are rarely daytime age restrictions.

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