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As well as the annual Spotlight London event, City Showcase runs regular open mic nights (City Showcase: Rising), master classes with big names providing their expertise for free (City Showcase: Sessions) and real live social networking, face to face, at the City Showcase: Club. We also provide new music stages for events being held across the UK and curate specialist music events such as City Showcase: Roots and Flutes.

City Showcase: Spotlight London
Launched in 2003, City Showcase: Spotlight London presents five days of new music in West End venues and stores every May. We deliberately and successfully showcase a mixed genre of music across a range of daytime and evening performances. In 2010, we presented the first Spotlight event outside of London in New Zealand.

City Showcase: Rising
Regular open mic nights are held at the Regal Rooms in West London providing those first, crucial opportunities for many artists to perform in front of an audience and in a safe and friendly environment.

City Showcase: Sessions
Masterclasses and workshops are held regularly at the Apple Store on London’s Regent Street and at the Dean Street studios. There’s never any shortage of industry names prepared to come and talk to City Showcase members and help them in their careers.

City Showcase: Finding the Future
For students, by students, City Showcase: Finding the Future is the UK’s first student music festival. Held as part of Spotlight London in May, there are workshops for students of music and student performers and performances across the West End.

City Showcase: Roots and Flutes
World music…and then some in a unique celebration of tradition and heritage. From Classical to Bhangra, City Showcase: Roots & Flutes highlights the diversity of music in the UK’s multicultural society.

The City Showcase: Club
Join the City Showcase: Club to take full advantage of great membership offers, networking opportunities and more chances to perform with open mic sessions and masterclasses.

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