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Chic quirkiness from Paris and beyond

Importing the best of the European designers, Youchka is a concept store where art meets fashion, music flirts with books where people come to inspire and be inspired.
We will make your dream come true every three months by opening pop-up shops in London

Around a story curated by Nathalie Fouilloux and illustrated visually and musically by emergent artists you will be able to buy our selection of fashion accessories, works of art, artist edition books and extraordinary objects of desire.


Like a Sherlock Holmes in skirt, the business of Nathalie is to track the rare find in today's mass production world. Her flair and her natural curiosity will bring in front of our eyes objects, which we would never have encountered otherwise. With her infallible taste, she will select original, yet skilful pieces from all over Europe. These statement pieces stand out in a London distribution circuit swamped under famous labels and cheap, ephemeral items.

With YOUCHKA, Nathalie wanted to open a space, a virtual and a concrete one, for us to hear European young creators' voices. She went fishing for the unusual, the insolent, and the funny. In her choices we recognize her joyful taste and her knowledge of art & craft.

After all, Nathalie grew up in a collectors' house. When she was young, she was playing with art pieces instead of dolls. Once a grown-up, it wasn't surprising that Nathalie should work in Art, buying and selling masterpieces for more than ten years. If you get to know her, you may find that she was an art adviser for Johnny Depp & Sophia Coppola. This happy and chic Parisienne may change your life with her contagious tastes. BEWARE!

Nathalie Fouilloux has been selected by Courvoisier to become one of the 500 new talents of the UK through her project with Youchka




As for Soho Flea Market 2013

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Soho Flea Market 2013
Sunday 02.06.2013
Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
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