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What the Dickens!

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets, Food

Recently shortlisted as finalists in the 2015 BBC Food and Farming Awards, What the Dickens! was founded in 2010 by three friends Michael, Adam and Dominic who, disappointed with the complete absence of British food on the street food scene, decided to right this injustice to British food culture.

Establishing themsleves on Chatsworth Road Market with the old-time British breakfasts of devilled kidneys and kedgeree, What The Dickens! continues to resurrect and revive time-honoured British recipes at street food markets and events across London.

Traditional dishes they celebrate include kedgeree, hand-raised pork pies, potted shrimp, devilled kidneys, and, pulled and devilled chicken.

In keeping with the approach to historic recipes What the Dickens! aim to prepare as much of their own food as possible from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients. Their Kedgeree uses traditional Grimsby Smoked Haddock and all of their meat is free range from the Rare Breed Meat Company in Colchester.

“…it was indeed the devilled kidneys I had that deserved a championing of droolworthy praises…I say go and seek out a nice bank manager now!…This was one of the best dishes I’ve had this year.” - Review by respected London food blogger, Bellaphon.

“What The Dickens – three earnest young men in Victorian garb who handgrind coffee and serve up devilled kidneys and kedgeree (without a stich of irony).” - Time Out

“It’s a major hit…for its shopping pleasures but also for the days of yore snacks at What The Dickens, a gourmet coffee stand that’s manned by Victoriana-clad chaps who serve treats like devilled kidneys.” – Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, October 2011

“If you like your food dished up by a trio of tweedy besuited gents, which I do, then this is the breakfast for you…currently residing at Chatsworth Road Market, What the Dickens? revels in iconic British grub such as kedgeree and devilled kidneys” – Listed as number 3 in The 50 Best Breakfast Spots in Britain, The Independent, November 2011

“Initially establishing themselves with a repertoire of iconic British dishes, from devilled kidneys to kedgeree…their traditional fare is matched by their eccentric style and vintage attire.” – Nominated as one of four newcomers to watch on the London food scene at

“…the new generation of traders is raising street food drama to new heights – with costumes and scripts. Three old school friends founded What The Dickens to revive iconic British fare – dressed in cravats and cuff links, and riding round on a Victorian tricycle.” – The Guardian, May 2012

“They dress like tools, sure, but their kedgeree is really nice.” - Kathryn42, The Guardian May 2012, Comment Section

Tweedy, old school, rambunctious delights
KERB, 2012


As updated for City Showcase in 2016

Featuring In:

Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
WV 2014 - Friday 5 December
Friday 05.12.2014
WV 2014 - Saturday 6 December
Saturday 06.12.2014
WV 2014 - Sunday 7 December
Sunday 07.12.2014
Sutton House Christmas 4th weekend
Saturday 17.12.2016
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