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The Fantastic Food Company

ArtForm: Food

Based on the Isle of Wight the Fantastic Food Company are the operators of the 'Whitby Scampi' food kiosks that can be seen at events throughout the United Kingdom.

We offer fast, fresh, tasty and sustainable sea food dishes - a refreshing change from regular fast food offerings.

Sustainability to us means taking responsibility, ensuring that the stocks of seafood are maintained and that the ocean environment is unaffected by us and the fishermen that supply us.

Our scampi is from a species called Nephrops Norvegicus which is fished in the waters around the British Isles by British skippers. Scampi is the most valuable, and therefore most commercially important fishery in the UK; there is significant scientific research and analysis of stocks of Nephrops and a high level of understanding of their breeding.

The scampi used to make breaded scampi are caught by trawlers. As scampi spend much of their life in burrows under the seabed the trawler catches the scampi which are out of their burrows looking for food. Scampi stocks are protected by quota and these are strictly enforced. All current information shows scampi stocks in the water around the British Isles to be healthy.

There is clear evidence that fishermen in this industry are working together with scientists to make sure accurate information is shared with the governing bodies. Both fishermen and manufacturers like Whitby Seafoods are committed to protecting and respecting the fishery to ensure it is there for generations to come.

as for 2016

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Friday 01.07.2016
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