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Selena Seballo

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer

Born November 6, 1980, in Orlando, Florida Selena’s home was filled with music. As early as she can remember, Selena was constantly exposed to a wide variety of classical, jazz, country and gospel music. In the 4th grade she discovered R&B and hip hop and found herself hooked on Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She also fell in love with Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and the music of Ella Fitzgerald.

Quick to lead out in school and eager to be in the spotlight, Selena felt a pull even in grade school to express herself creatively. Her father, a professional actor, also played in a popular band called “The Exits” in the 1960s and 70s in Manchester, England. With both music and acting in her blood, Selena took to the stage early on, first with piano. “I had terrible stage fright playing the piano to the point where I stopped playing all together.” Singing, however was less stressful, and by the time she entered the 9th grade it seemed divine intervention had come into play and she felt comfortable performing.

Selena began singing regularly at school and church events and was rocked by the staggeringly positive responses to her voice. Encouraged strongly by her choir teacher, she began giving a career in music serious thought. After graduation she picked up the guitar and prayed for the ability to express her thoughts and ideas in song. “It was a huge challenge at first, but somehow it all came together my last year of college.” After a nearly 10 year hiatus since her self-titled debut album, Selena is back on the music scene and ready to make waves!

Biog as provided for City Showcase 2016

Featuring In:

ESM 2016 Sunday
Sunday 17.07.2016
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