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Savon Stories

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

It's less about us than about him. Savon Stories was born from the wisdom and character of our grandfather, who lived a fulfilling 115 years.

His secret, we believe, was a combination of gentle and generous character with a diet of light-portioned, raw, fresh foods. The family call it “raw minimalism”: to nurture the best of good green earth and to be rich with less than more.

Convinced that the skin is a second stomach, his granddaughter, Moute, whom he raised on the family farm, took this ethos to handcrafting organic remedies for enduring health & beauty: raw, organic botanicals, kept as close to their natural state to retain their nutrition, purity and authenticity.

Having the body and hair you want begins with respecting its natural beauty, and nothing can nurture that better than nature itself.

Our "purist" collection is handmade entirely from organic ingredients (99-100%), untainted by chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, pesticides and the like. Following our "raw" heritage, everything is cold-processed - made without the application of heat to retain its nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and feed your skin. Our cold-process liquid soaps are, we believe, the only ones of their kind available in the world.


We grew up on grandfather's storytelling, fables that brought the elements of the natural world alive. It’s influenced how we see the world and our craft. Nature is not an ingredient for us; it’s a language.

There's a little known, but powerful science behind this - a science less about chemistry and labs than biology and our body's response to the outside world. Without getting too technical, here's how it works. Everyone bears the marks of their upbringing - all living things. As such, every plant or plant oil carries "chemical information" that tells us something about the natural world where that plant came from: the soil from which it grew, the quality of the air it breathed, the character of its wider environment, the minerals it was fed. We call this the plant's life "story" - chemical information which communicates itself to our genes, ultimately directing our skin cells to behave in certain ways. The better the source (the more undamaged the plant's message when it arrives on our skin), the healthier we'll be.

This is why purity and authenticity is crucial to everything we do. It's why we closely followed the life story of all the natural elements we use to tell a wonderful story to your skin. We know them intimately, and so will you.
Savon Stories is a small family team and a few helpful friends. Our atelier is a cottaged size room attached to the family home in Surrey, England.

Moute is the Founder of Savon Stories and formulator of the recipes. Her husband Ray is company Director. Inspired by Moute's grandfather’s storytelling, she and her husband were originally historians by training, learning to pay attention to detail and always trace things to their source.
We give a percentage of each sale to The Brooke, a charity dedicated to improving the wellbeing of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world's poorest communities, who rely on the labour of these animals to sustain themselves.

They are not principally a campaign group, but work at ground level to directly improve animal welfare, equipping and teaching communities to better care for their animals for their wellbeing and, hence, productivity. Their methods always respect local traditions and customs, encouraging community self-reliance. We love the company of people with a generous hearts - and these guys are genuine. Learn more at



Biog as provided for City Showcase in 2016.

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