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Saint Wools

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

Our Story

Although we only recently established Saint Wools, we've been knitting and experimenting with wool and other materials for many years.

We got started after making a Chunky Knit blanket as a gift and fell in love with it ourselves.  We ordered more wool to make our very own and realised just how amazing this material is and others took notice too.

Before long friends and family noticed our interesting and extremely comfortable new blanket and started giving us their 'orders'. Parents, sisters, friend, aunt... wait a minute, we're selling these without even trying to! Seeing how happy our 'customers' were we decided to do this officially and bring the same happiness and comfort to as many people as we could reach.

Our Mission:

to make people happy through wool

Our Values

hand craft (good design made by hand)
customer satisfaction (quality always)
​sustainability (do no harm)
responsibility (giving back to the community)

Our Vision: 

to become ubiquitous with luxury woollen products

​Our Social Commitment: 

to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged people (once production scales up) and to find ways to contribute positively to the community

Meet the team

Lana is the founder of Saint Wools. She is also the designer and creator of all our products. Lana is a lifelong crafter and finds herself happiest when creating items to bring joy to others. Discovering the potential of working with unspun Merino wool to create elegant and functional luxury home decor, clothing and accessories inspired her to establish the company. Lana is originally from Estonia and resides in London, UK.

​Ramzi is responsible for the strategy and marketing of Saint Wools. He also fell in love with Merino wool and could immediately see the appeal of the products and offered his services to grow the company. Ramzi is a consultant by trade and entrepreneur by heart, bringing a deep understanding of business and the encouragement and support needed to launch a new company.  Of mixed Finnish-Lebanese heritage he lives in London, UK.

We look forward to introducing new team members in the near future...


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