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Nutural World

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets, Food

Nutural World was founded in 2013, to manufacture and sell a range of nut butters and spreads. From inception, the company adhered to the following principles regarding its products:


- Their taste is exceptionally good
- They are 100% vegan
- There is no added oil, sugar salt or artificial flavours in any of our products


Our product range is very comprehensive, from the inexpensive and common seed butters (e.g. sunflower and pumpkin) to the high end and unusual nut butters (e.g. Macadamia, Pecan, Pistachio and Pine nut). In the last few months we started to introduce spreads that are nut based, with some additional fruit or another nut. In that range we currently have Almond and Coconut, Hazelnut and Carob and Sesame and Dates. They are amazingly tasty and the feedback we receive is phenomenal.

We are looking forward to the City Showcase market where the visitors would be able to see (and taste) for themselves why the praises we receive are indeed well deserved.




Biog as provided to City Showcase in 2016

Featuring In:

ESM 2015 Friday
Friday 29.05.2015
ESM 2015 Saturday
Saturday 30.05.2015
ESM 2015 Sunday
Sunday 31.05.2015
ESM 2016 Friday
Friday 15.07.2016
ESM 2016 Saturday
Saturday 16.07.2016
ESM 2016 Sunday
Sunday 17.07.2016
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