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Nazarí street food draws inspiration from Al-Andalus Moorish cuisine, incorporating the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food tradition.    We are very careful in choosing our ingredients and place an emphasis on locally sourced, naturally and ethically farmed produce. We are named on the Timeout Best London Street Food listing.

Our side project is our olive and almond grove in Granada, Andalucia.  In July 2016 we are launching our own branded olive oil.

Featuring In:

Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 29-6-2016
Wednesday 29.06.2016
Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 30-6-2016
Thursday 30.06.2016
Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 1-7-2016
Friday 01.07.2016
Northbank SF Friday Food Feast 8-7-2016
Friday 08.07.2016
Northbank SF Friday Food Feast 22-7-2016
Friday 22.07.2016
Northbank SF Tea for Two - Friday Food Feast 29-7-2016
Friday 29.07.2016
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