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My Little Sous-Chef

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

My Little Sous-Chef is the first tandem cookbook for kids and parents to cook together. It is made up of two separate books, one for the parents and one for the children.
The two books have the same recipes, which are all quick and easy to make. These recipes are clearly explained in the parents’ book, while the children one is illustrated and has only the simplest passages, so that kids can follow along and get cooking themselves.

My Little Sous-Chef was successfully crowdfunded in 2015, and received enthusiastic reviews on parenting blogs and websites; some of the reviewers include parent bloggers Laura Wilson from Wafflemama, Martyn Kitney from Inside Martyn’s Thoughts, and vlogger Jim Coulson at Bewildered Dad. Other features include the parenting website Chalkkids and OllyOlly.
My Little Sous-Chef is not available for purchase at the moment but the digital version will be published by the end of the year on Amazon.

To celebrate Christmas 2016, My Little Sous-Chef is now publishing a limited edition twin booklets with three festive recipes. The booklets will be available for purchase from the 1st of December online and at Sutton House Christmas Market.


Biog as provided for City Showcase 2016

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Sutton House Christmas 4th weekend
Saturday 17.12.2016
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