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Marmor Paperie

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

MARMOR is a new start-up by designer-maker (and stationery obsessive) Lucy McGrath, launched in 2015 with the hope of offering an alternative to the bland, mass-produced paper products that currently dominate the shop shelves. Sick of poorly-made sketchbooks falling apart at the seams or her pen bleeding through multiple pages, Lucy decided to take matters into her own hands and offer beautiful quality, one-of-a-kind products that would be treasured.

Marmor is being built from the ground up – Lucy works four days a week to fund the business as it gets off the ground, spending every spare moment in her workshop making new treasures to sell at her Greenwich Market stall at the weekend.

Paper marbling is an ancient and beautiful technique that Lucy hopes to revive, with a contemporary twist for today. It involves ‘floating’ paint on a gloopy tray of size,

I’ve been obsessed with books since I was little. I loved looking reverently through my grandmother’s musty old books with faded leather bindings and mildewed end-papers; to me they were like remnants from another age, a magical feeling that continues to inspire me in my work.

I got my first formal bookbinding training whilst studying Illustration at the University of Brighton and loved it. There’s something very satisfying about transforming a pile of papers into a finished, neat book – I tried to slip a hand-bound book into most assignments!

I love the element of chance and randomness that paper marbling involves – you can pick the colours, but once you’ve dropped them onto the size, you really have to relinquish control and just go with the flow, it’s really exciting. It’s probably the polar opposite to bookbinding, which requires exacting, precise measurements and your nose to be about a centimetre from your work surface!

I hope to combine my two loves by starting MARMOR and introduce more people to the beautiful but forgotten arts of paper marbling & bookbinding.




Biog as provided for City Showcase in 2016

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