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Lillibets Larder

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets, Food

Its my Mums fault!  when I was growing up in Rural Lincolnshire, England, throughout the year she would spend a lot of her time making jams and chutneys. I just remember that the produce my Mum made was always so much better than the shop bought equivalent..

Fast forward many years, and wondering what to buy my family and friends for Christmas one year, it hit me, Make them something, something unique and personal.  So with my mum in mind, I started making Jams and Chutneys for them. As it happens, after receiving really lovely reviews from said family and friends about my products, an opportunity arose for me to take the bull by the horns and do as they had suggested, and go commercial and hence, "Lillibets Larder" was formed, using the Nick-name my mum had used for me as a child.

My plan has always been to follow fruits that are in season as much as possible, for example, I won't make "Strawberry" anything in the winter, or "Pumpkin" something in the spring, and you will never find me using anything but Fresh Eggs, Real butter, Vinegar and Sugar.  No thickeners, No preservatives, ONLY the very best in Lillibets Larder! 

So anyway, enough about me.  Let me leave you to browse through my website and enjoy making the choices of which jar of scrumptiousness you wish me to send from my kitchen to yours! oh, and don't forget to keep popping back in, to check out what new products have been added to the list.



Biog as provided to City Showcase in 2016  

Featuring In:

ESM 2016 Friday
Friday 15.07.2016
ESM 2016 Saturday
Saturday 16.07.2016
ESM 2016 Sunday
Sunday 17.07.2016
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