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Leaping Lizards

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

Leaping Lizards is a new business that offers exciting children’s fashions that are comfortable to wear, easy to care for and make people stop you in the street to find out where you got them. 

Our partnership consists of, an established designer, a young enthusiast who wanted to learn and our third most important partner Umai who is our model and our inspiration.

The idea to start a business came from travelling and sewing together, we found we had similar taste and interests and ventured into the production industry.

Our clothing is made in London using unusual fabrics that are sourced in Africa and India. We travel and choose the specific colours and styles we like and want to use. This makes the collection unrepeatable as it is hard to find large quantities of the same design. In addition it makes it unique in the sense that there is no other clothing quite like it. 

We are also unusual in the fact that we are of different ages and different cultural backgrounds, but we are both teachers and both have high energy levels and determination (a must for any venture). Penny is an English/Canadian who has travelled the world, hitchhiking, circumnavigating in a sailboat and just plain air travel.

Aika is a young woman from Kyrgyzstan who travelled to England in her early 20’s to learn English and find out what the world was like. Both love to travel and explore. Umai the youngest has already experienced many countries either in the womb or crawling and now walking. She is an excellent traveller and paves the way for us to find joy wherever we go.  


Biog as for City Showcase 2014

Featuring In:

Soho Flea Market 2014
Sunday 25.05.2014
WV 2014 - Sunday 7 December
Sunday 07.12.2014
ESM 2016 Saturday
Saturday 16.07.2016
ESM 2016 Sunday
Sunday 17.07.2016
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