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Judit Patkos Jewellery

My jewellery features unique, handcrafted silver and vitreous enamel designs. My primary medium is vitreous enamelling, but I also use other traditional and experimental jewellery-making techniques to produce my designs.

I was first introduced to enamelling in 2007 in my hometown Budapest, Hungary where I learnt about the basics, tried various techniques but mainly focused on producing panel pieces rather than jewellery. Freshly graduated from studying English Language and Literature at university, my life was going in a different direction at the time.

When I moved to the UK a few years later, I was reintroduced to enamelling when I attended the Holts Academy of Jewellery in London, studying Jewellery Design and Manufacture. This encounter undoubtedly reinforced my interest in this medium, and also determined my main focus in jewellery making.

Enamelling is the beautiful art of fusing powdered glass onto metal in a kiln at a temperature around 850-900 degrees. The enamel powder is fused to the surface of the metal in several layers through a number of firings building the design gradually. During the firing process, the enamel powder melts and flows, and when the piece is taken out of the kiln, it hardens to a durable vitreous coating. With this method it is possible to add lively, luscious colours and interesting textures to a piece.

My enamelling and jewellery work incorporates both traditional and experimental methods. My aim is always to create a striking contrast by combining textures and techniques, juxtaposing shapes and forms or using opposing colours. I often work on my pieces instinctively relying on my senses that lead to the creation of a design. For my work I gain influence from patterns that can be found around us in nature, our everyday life or other forms of art such as photography, ceramics or architecture.

Through my work I aim to promote the beauty of enamelling as well as to create modern and wearable jewellery pieces.

Recently I have launched my modern and experimental Splash! Collection with a bold and contemporary look, and currently I am working on some more subtle textured silver-enamel designs. The new range will be available by December 2016.

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