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Jessica Russell Flint

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

Born into a chaotic household where Art and Design were King and Queen, TV was non-existent and building camps, putting on plays for long suffering friends and family, painting eggs and baking green cakes was totally the norm.

Inspired by life’s eccentricities, colour and texture, Jessica’s style is both vicarious and unusual. She mixes fashion, art and interiors, producing limited edition prints and artworks, wallpapers, silk scarves, bags & lots of other inspired works.

The whole ethos behind the brand is to make the most of life, to enjoy, to embrace colour, friendship and to think outside the box. Her motto being “See Beyond the end of your nose”. Tired of boundaries set by societal rules that fence people in, the label is designed to provoke the imagination and inspire a more open approach to living life.

At the Dalston Christmas fair, Jess will be selling a special collection of miniature prints as well as the newly launched Lobster, Owl and stag linen napkins, amongst all her usual fare of limited editions, silk scarves and make up bags.


Biog as provided for City Showcase 2013

Featuring In:

Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
Soho Flea Market 2014
Sunday 25.05.2014
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