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Iris and Bee

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

Iris & Bee is a story of colour and cloth; paint and canvas; my two little girls and flowers.  Named for my daughters, Iris & Bee brings together everything that I love.

I have been painting floral still lives for a few years and I wanted to combine that with my first love, textiles.  Here you will find bold contemporary floral paintings and cushions. I seek to make florals appealing again and to celebrate the Flower which for centuries has held an honoured and important place in history. Flowers bring joy and meaning to everyday life. They are used to express gratitude, love, peace, joy, grief, and remembrance. The simple act of giving someone a flower is a very powerful thing.

I grew up in Barbados and came to the UK to continue my schooling.  After completing an Art Foundation course, I earned a BA (with HONS) in Printed textiles.  Perhaps it was spending so many years surrounded by the vibrant colours of the Caribbean that inspired my love and exploration of colour throughout my work over the years. Whatever it is, colour is certainly something that I cannot live without, and it plays a very important part in my work and life.
Although I have always been involved in Visual Arts, painting is something relatively new to me. Discovered by chance, it has blossomed into both my business and my escape.

I hope that you enjoy my work and that it brings some vibrancy and love into your life as it has done mine.



Biog as provided for City Showcase in 2016

Featuring In:

ESM 2016 Saturday
Saturday 16.07.2016
ESM 2016 Sunday
Sunday 17.07.2016
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