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Guerrilla Grillers

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Guerrilla Grillers is the brainchild of competition BBQ pit master Steve Heyes (AKA Jedi Swine Tricks) and UK Chilli Cook-off Association founder, Jon Doody. We are purveyors of top quality pit BBQ, chilli and other great eats.

We run pop-up restaurants, vend at festivals and other public events as well as providing private event catering for weddings, birthdays and corporate functions.

We are also happy to provide training and consultancy packages to both amateur and professional cooks, so whether you're a branch of the WI looking to get the girls cooking great food on a kettle BBQ or a restaurant looking to add some pit BBQ to your menu, we can help. Please contact us for more details.

Additionally, we offer a range of seasonings and sauces for the retail and food service sectors. We have years of experience in developing sauces and seasonings with different flavour profiles. If you're after a sauce with a particular regional flavour or you want to produce a BBQ sauce based on one of your own products, we are the guys you want to be talking to, drop us an email for more information.

So if you've read this far you might be thinking how are these guys any different to all the other pit BBQ companies out there? It seems like every man and his dog has a BBQ food business these days.

The simplest answer we could give is come along to one of our events and taste the food. You do that, there's no need to keep on reading this page, we're confident you'll be a fully paid up Ribolutionary!

We take pride in the fact that we cook a couple of particular types of cuisine and we cook them really well. Ask us to cook you a perfect soufflé and you'll be out of luck, ask us for buttery soft ribs or a bowl of our decadent Pit Beef Guerrilla Chilli and you'll understand why we're so proud of what we cook. Every step in our processes has been considered, measured and developed until we're happy. From the meat we buy, the woods we smoke with and the top secret seasonings we use through to our smoker temperatures, the processes we follow and the way we feel how meat is done, everything is done to the standard we would do it to when cooking for ourselves and our families.

Our food is all about big bold flavours, tender, sweet, juicy meat, full bellies and happy diners, no need to be chefy or pretentious, you're not going to find a pulled pork, foie gras and white truffle sandwich on one of our menus. What you will always find is food that's been prepared with a lot of love and attention.

We hope that it's food that you will love to eat as much as we love to cook it.


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