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Gli Oil

We are dedicated to producing luxury aromatherapy home fragrance products, using only natural ingredients with no chemicals, additives or synthetic fragrances. We strongly believe that the finest fragrances come only from using pure essential oils, blended expertly to produce a range of products, each with an amazing aroma, that will enhance your environment naturally.

We use only aromatherapy grade essential oils, organic where possible, and we take care to ensure that we source these from ethical and sustainable resources. We have created a range of home fragrance blends, available both as luxury candles and luxury reed diffusers, which we believe not only have an amazing scent but, because of their high essential oil content, can also deliver the therapeutic benefits of the oils they contain.

We hand-blend and hand-pour all our products ourselves, we even hand-cut and hand-dye our rattan reeds to give them their unique purple colour.


Biog as for City Showcase in 2016

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Sutton House Christmas 1st weekend
Saturday 26.11.2016
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