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Gaz Brookfield

ArtForm: CityShowcase Act/Composer

Gaz has been working with City Showcase since 2004 - in various guises! 

Immediately below is his MySpace biog from 2010.  Further down is his biog from 2007 (slightly updated).  We have both as we love Gaz and share his history!

I'm a singer/songwriter from Swindon, but currently residing in Bristol.

Since 2001 (ish) I've been in various bands including Kickout, British Beef and Durera. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage in that time with the likes of Whitmore, Capdown, UK Subs, Long Beach Short Bus (ex Sublime), Reuben, Babyshambles, Viking Skull, Good Charlotte, Jesse James, The Mooney Suzuki and I Am Kloot.

In 2006 I went full time with the solo stuff. Since then I feel very fortunate to have played with artists such as Newton Faulkner, Frank Turner, Nik Kershaw, Nigel Clark (Dodgy), Mark Morris (Bluetones),Pete Doherty, Oxygen Thief, Ben Marwood, Jim Lockey, Buswell, Si Hall, Tommaso Galati, My Name Is Ian, Clayton Blizzard and many more.

Right, that's all the history and name dropping done. Now a bit about me and my songs. I suppose you could say I'm a folk musician. Although not in a traditonal way, maybe more nu-folk or anti-folk or something like that. I like to think my songs are instantly accesible, played in a folk-ish style with occaisional use of the guitar as a percussive tool, as well as some two handed venturing around the fretboard. I write songs about whatever I happen to be thinking about at that moment. I can't write songs about things I haven't done or emotions I haven't had. I love my friends like family, and my family like my closest friends. I'm physically repulsed by velvet. I really like rollercoasters!

My new EP, "Nine Dart Finish", is available as a free download on, or on cd from me at a one of my gigs.


"There's a certain charming Billy Bragg-esque’ quality to these everyman tales...gem of an EP!" 8/10, Greg Thomas, Rock City.

"You gotta love Gaz...the boy will go far!" (3 out of 5 stars) Venue Magazine.
"...really has a great way with telling a story". (4 out of 5 stars). Rhythm Magazine.

"Gaz has an honesty and charm about his performance which is seldom seen amongst his contemporaries". Will Walder, BBC Wilts Introducing

"You really should do yourself the favour of checking out Gaz's music". Dave Franklin, Swindon Advertiser

"One of the most passionate singer/songwriters I've ever seen". Blues Matters magazine

For Gaz Brookfield, writing songs is not a job or a hobby.  It is a compulsion.  The body of material he has built up over the last 10 years is a perfect representation of his life experiences, good and bad.  Using the songs as a cathartic therapy to deal with issues such as love, hate, anger, religion, fear, depression and addiction has been the thing that has kept Brookfield from utter insanity.

He began his musical career at 8 years of age when he learned to play the saxophone.  Moving onto guitar at 16, playing in a Christian rock band gave him his first experiences of playing live.  At 19 he left his strict religious upbringing behind.  The subsequent years of understandable rebellion and self discovery led him down a path of excitement, pain, relationship success and disaster, drug and alcohol use and eventual dependency.  In other words, real life.

At 20, by now predominantly a bass player, Gaz started his first punk band, Off Ground Tig.  At 21 his second, Fanny Mallet, which soon became Kickout.  After a few years he joined pop-punk outfit British Beef and moved to London.

This led to a development deal with Sony and a publishing deal with Fat Fox Publishing.  During this time Brookfield toured the country with British Beef and played with bands such as The Mooney Suzuki, Good Charlotte, Babyshambles and Reuben to name a few.  He also met and worked with many great producers including Chris Kimsey, Goldust and the legendary, Eric Kupper, who is now producing Gaz's new material.

The new material itself is a more personal and intimate insight into Gaz's character and abilities as a song writer than anything he has done before.   Not wanting to tie himself into any particular style, the songs are allowed to take shape in anyway that feels right for each one.  However, Brookfield has never been known to shy away from a catchy tune and a big chorus.

Since working with Eric Kupper, Gaz put together a new band in order to convey the music live, as it is on record.  Durera got together in the autumn of 2006 and after forming enjoyed sell out local shows and a number of support slots accross the country with the likes of I Am Kloot, Love Minus Zero (ex babyshambles) Newton Faulkner and more.  Durera broke up in 2008.


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