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Franchini and Friends

"If you like beef, you will love this"

Our signature dish is smoke roasted beef that melts in the mouth. It's medieval with an Italian sensibility - rare pink and sliced thin.   And pure - just the best method for the best beef. We only add smoke.

We try to let our customers do the talking:

Andrew Purvis and Family: Editor, Food & Travel, The Telegraph, and before that Editor, The Observer Food Monthly  “Fabulous. We are massive fans”

Food journalist - Neil Davey on Twitter @DineHard  Also tried the rare beef from @FranchiniNick - a fitting end for any cow. Worth seeking out.

Food blogger - snacks and the singleman - Franchini & Figli (fb/tw) -  my lunch that day was one of their 'Ultimate Beef Sandwiches' and, frankly, I lack the superlatives to do it proper justice. The meat was literally melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the smoky flavour was subtle, but surprisingly distinct. You know how 'barbecue' and 'smoky flavour' things invariably just taste like HP Sauce? Well, forget that... this is how smoked meat should taste. Nick, manning the stall that weekend, took a photo of my ecstatic face as I munched on the sandwich, saying it was for Twitter... hasn't gone up yet, so I may have to pop back another weekend for another sandwich... or two. Or just some sliced, smoked beef. Or both. They also sell on Hubbub which, sadly, does not yet deliver to my area.

David, Toronto – Spitalfields 28/6/13
“That’s (beef sandwich) really eye-crossingly good… and that’s the best bread in London as well.”


Biog as provided for City Showcase in 2013

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Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
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