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ArtForm: Fashion, City Showcase Markets

We're a London based handbag label that launched in 2013 with our signature 'One' collection and our eye-catching Candy insert, that had women and girls of all ages clambering to become one of our FABLOU Favourites!

The ethos of our brand is a simple one - we create modern, stylishly practical bags in a range of colours that suit the daily needs of women around the globe.

Made from oh-so-easy to clean silicone, not only are the ideal for us busy girls but also vegan-friendly as we don't use any animal materials to make our bags. It won't scratch, stain and is completely water-proof!

The vibrancy of the colours we use ensures that when thrown over your shoulder or dangling from the crook of your arm, our FABLOU bags are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

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We'd love it if you'd come along for the journey with us!



Biog as provided for City Showcase in 2016

Featuring In:

ESM 2016 Friday
Friday 15.07.2016
ESM 2016 Saturday
Saturday 16.07.2016
ESM 2016 Sunday
Sunday 17.07.2016
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