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Claire Swindale

Claire Swindale; artistic creative photographer.

I’ve travelled the world extensively and still have a list of places, towns, cities, beaches and mountains, markets and vineyards to visit!

My plan is to fill my life with the combination of travel and art, all in the name of ‘work’ ?.. (did I get away with that?!)

My work is contemporary, colourful, fun, fresh.  My style reportage and observational.

The ideas keep coming… and I’m as intrigued as you will be… keep an eye on my site and my portfolio.

I’ve always been fascinated by the skills of others, and with eyes squeezed tight, I made the plunge to join the rest.  And never looked back.

My background is in advertising and media, my favourite being launching McDonald’s Happy Meals in the UK; designing all elements and organising logistics, for 5 years.  Yes, somewhere in the loft is the collection!

All the while playing with different art mediums and my camera.

My first job in the ’real world’ of photography was with Rimmel London, covering their commercial shoots.  Brilliant.  Since then I’ve worked with Stylist and Shortlist magazine too.

I bring my style and artistic eye to all my work including my weddings, which I take really seriously. My intent is to capture beauty, romance, fun and celebration. Lasting memories.

I’ve enjoyed solo shows and collaborations with The Ben Oakley Gallery, Greenwich.

I like to keep things fresh for you, and for me.  I can’t help myself.   My latest work being a collection of wonderful silk scarves, created with my images.  They are luxurious and still retain a sense of fun.   Wear them for their colours.  Wear them draped across your back to show off what you’re really wearing.  Hang them on your wall, framed or not.  Ideally I’d like to see you doing both; hang it on the wall, 'til it takes your fancy to WEAR YOUR ART (preferably unframed) and be seen in a ‘Swin’.

 Claire Swindale aka SWIN

as updated provided for City Showcase 2013

Featuring In:

City Showcase: Soho Flea Market 2012
Sunday 27.05.2012
Soho Flea Market 2013
Sunday 02.06.2013
Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
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