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Cake Liberation

Cake Liberation is flavour perfection, inspired innovation and the freedom to create food beyond expectations.  We are a passionate and creative movement, making a difference through cake. 

A Cake Liberation creation comes with a commitment to delivering something very special. Cakes are freshly baked by hand, from scratch, especially for you. Culinary techniques have been developed to deliver a special taste experience and great lengths are also taken to source ingredients that impart wonderful flavour. Here authentic ingredients reign supreme, we are inspired by food that is close to its source, food you can touch and smell. Inspired by themes of revolution, transformation and freedom, each cake has a flavoursome personality, imbued with qualities that develop your taste experience. 

Lemon Rebel is a two fingered salute at austerity with its fresh ginger curd and silver leaf decoration, whilst 2013 Great Taste winner Red Velutionary is the people’s favourite, Valhrona, raspberry and hibiscus couli paired with vanilla beans.

Cake Liberation is about freedom, self belief, discovery and supreme flavour. It is the unexpected and the expected all in one.

Biog as for November 2013

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Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
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