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Box Seventy Seven

There we were back in 2013, enjoying running our own bar, having built up a great brand with customers to match, when some of those customers starting putting new ideas into our heads.

Many hours on a French auction site, and one trip across the channel later, and we were in proud possession of a rather beautiful but rather dilapidated 1977 Citroen van, discovered on a farm in France being used to carry horses, sheep and goats.

After a 450 mile drive back to the UK, seven months of restoration followed, with our hard work finally rewarded in July 2014, when the first drinks were served through the hatch of Box Seventy Seven.

as at 2016

Featuring In:

Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 28-6-2016
Tuesday 28.06.2016
Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 29-6-2016
Wednesday 29.06.2016
Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 30-6-2016
Thursday 30.06.2016
Northbank SF Wimbledon Week 1-7-2016
Friday 01.07.2016
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