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Beara Beara

ArtForm: City Showcase Markets

The story of our label starts with a journey through Latin America. As a travel writer at the time, I was living in Bolivia, sharing the people's daily routines.  In La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, I met the wonderful Julia, who along with the extended family have been making and selling leather bags from a tiny shop in the back streets of the city for many years. Intrigued by the combination of incredible craftsmanship and quality materials, we began collaborating, turning my designs into a collection of never seen before handbags.
With Bolivia being such an isolated country my idea was to provide Julia's struggling business and subsequent others, with a substantial amount of work with which would bring in much needed finances and eventually improve their standards of living. Also with Bolivia being a third world country, the idea of encouraging employment has always been a huge motivational factor for me and we are happy to see new faces appear within the workshops on each visit. Every business is family run and it is clear by the daily atmosphere that they are happy to be working and supporting their families.
Our ever expanding network of craftsmen are also motivated by the fact that their hard work, skill and tradition is being appreciated worldwide. To make our bags more unique we have been using vintage Andean cloths, known locally as 'aguayos'. All antique aguayos are hand woven and defined by the region where they are made. The art of making these wonderful cloths has been passed down through generations, over hundreds of years and reflects the history of the indigenous cultures in Bolivia. When each small piece of cloth is used it cannot be reproduced, leaving every few bags distinctive and extremely rare. We have been cataloguing these amazing designs and now work with a family of weavers in the city of El Alto to recreate these unique designs. Preserving the culture that first brought me to the country is extremely important to me and I am very proud of how Beara Beara has not lost sight of its principles as it has rapidly grown.

Our hope is that everyone who purchases a Beara Beara bag will appreciate the skill, determination, respect and love that went into making each individual one. Our products are not only unique but extremely durable. This is one of the main reasons our business is striving in these difficult economic times. We respect the desire to buy a hi-fashion brand but are pleased to see that there are still plenty of people who appreciate quality and take pride in creating their own style.

Biog as for Dalston Christmas Market 2013

Featuring In:

Dalston Christmas Market 2013
Sunday 01.12.2013
Soho Flea Market 2014
Sunday 25.05.2014
WV 2014 - Friday 5 December
Friday 05.12.2014
WV 2014 - Saturday 6 December
Saturday 06.12.2014
WV 2014 - Sunday 7 December
Sunday 07.12.2014
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