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Stuart Galbraith

ArtForm: Workshop Panellist

Stuart Galbraith knows a thing or two about both artists and fans.  He started in live music when he attended Leeds University from 1980-1984 where, as Social Secretary, he booked bands such as ZZ Top, U2, Simple Minds and The Clash.

He joined MCP in 1984 and became Director and Partner through to its sale in 1999 to Robert Sillerman’s SFX.

Whilst at MCP, Galbraith promoted and worked with many artists such as Simply Red, Def  Leppard, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, U2, Simple Minds, AC/DC, etc.   He also had an instrumental role in the Monsters of Rock Festival at Donington Park.

Following the sale of MCP in 1999 to SFX, then the subsequent resale of SFX to Clear Channel and the creation of Live Nation in 2005, under the role of Managing Director, he helped grow the Live Nation UK market share, promoting tours in arenas and stadiums with many of the world’s biggest bands. 

He was instrumental in the creation of the Download Festival, the UK’s premier rock festival (which now also successfully operates in America), Wireless Festival and Hyde Park Calling Festival.

Galbraith was also one of the organisers for the Live8 Concert which played to 250,000 people in London’s Hyde Park in 2005 and the Live Earth Concert at Wembley Stadium in 2007. 

Over the last several years, Galbraith has also promoted all the major concerts that have taken place in Hyde Park including Bon Jovi, Simon Garfunkel, REM, Queen, Shania Twain and the record breaking run by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which played to 255,000 people.

This unrivalled experience and understanding of the opportunities and possibilities in live music, fuels the concept  Kilimanjaro Live Limited.

Kilimanjaro is a new concept - a joint venture with AEG, the world’s second largest promoter, that will act independently.

“It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ situation,” says Galbraith, “We are a boutique promoter, we can be nimble and flexible.  But the main investor is AEG and we can call on a global resource if we need to.  We will have all the expertise and depth of resources of the big players but we can react quickly, concentrating on a select group of artists, both large and small, really maximising their potential.

Kilimanjaro has three areas of activity:

1. Festivals

It boasts one of the most successful festival promoters in the industry as its CEO and will be heavily involved in creating and acquiring more.
Kilimanjaro has already gained a controlling interest in the North Wales music/extreme sport festival Wakestock and the heavy metal festival Bloodstock in the Midlands.

2. Touring

Kilimanjaro will also continue to tour some of the biggest bands in the industry that he has worked with over the years.  Acts that Galbraith has promoted include Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Muse, Guns n Roses, The Eagles and Simply Red.
3. Artist Development

Galbraith and the Kilimanjaro promoting team (Alan Day, Mark Walker, Steve Tilley & Oli Wilson) will also concentrate on breaking new acts.
“The bands playing in pubs now will play arenas in 5 years, stadiums in 7 years.  To secure the future we will develop those acts.  From the very start of their live careers, I was involved with the likes of Simply Red and Muse .”

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